Crash Course in Growth Hacking

This is a unique Guide to B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn that helps Online Marketers, Virtual Assistants, and Small Business Owners generate top-quality leads in 7 days without huge time commitment, tech overwhelm, or costly investments so they can identify prospective buyers on autopilot with the power of Al. Upon course completion you can request a certificate (optional).

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Topics covered in this course:  


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Recognise the potential of Al for lead generation and epic business growth without tech-overwhelm.


LATEST TECH TRENDS Identify tools vou didn't know existed without risking to develop a shinv-obiect-syndrome.


FUTURE OF BUSINESS Prepare for the digital revolution & take advantage of business opportunities without fear of Al.


CONNECTING THE DOTS Find an Al solution to almost any human business problem without overcomplicating.


SIGNATURE SOLUTION Create a unique offer that will solve your clients problem without getting lost in a sea of sameness. 


BETA TESTING Take your signature solution for a spin without the risk of offering something your clients won't need. 


CONTENT CREATION Put together the materials for your first LinkdedIn outreach campaign without any tech and sales skills. 


SALES MACHINE Generate leads while staying organised by having content at hand to re-engage your prospects.


NEXGEN UPGRADE  Explore more epic wavs to offer vour bulletproof offer to potential clients without investing a fortune.