Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live, work, and do business.  

Christianity & AI: Can They Coexist in Business and in Ministry?

In today's digital transformation it can be hard to getting your message heard amid a sea of sameness. But it can be achieved with advanced technology, and software that the majority doesn't know exists. Yet, a staggering 90% of struggling Christian business owners and empty Churches choose not to seek help because of tech overwhelm and their fear of artificial intelligence. I'm here to fix that.  

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We are witnessing a revolution, and jobs that existed for years may no longer exist tomorrow. Marketing strategies that worked for decades are no longer effective today. My name is Meri, and as a Bible believing technology enthusiast, I spend a substantial amount of time researching and learning about all the changes and disruptions that are likely to impact humanity and shape our business world. This field has many disciplines, but I specialise in employing artificial intelligence to transform traditional business methodologies into higher-performing processes that can save you time, money and your sanity! 

I also develop digital outreach campaigns for Churches and Ministries that can be implemented by anyone, even without a PhD in marketing!

I can help you cut through the noise and reach your audience with AI, even if you are not tech-savvy, or prefer NOT to show up online!

Meri Pipenbaher // Growth Hacker

As Christians, we have the opportunity to use advanced technology to fulfil the Great Commission and spread the word of God even further. 

I believe that not using technology to fulfil the Great Commission (YES, even in the workplace) is like not printing the Bible despite the existence of printing presses. Remember that God's promise from the beginning of time was that technology would continue to progress and evolve. It is our duty to fulfil the Great Commission and spread the word of God to all nations. By utilising AI to aid in mission work and sharing the Good News, we have the potential to achieve far greater impact and reach more people than ever before.   

AI and the Great Commission

With AI, we now have a powerful tool to enhance and amplify the effectiveness of our mission work.


As Christians we are called to preach the good news about Jesus, and the Bible speaks of the end times where the Gospel will be preached to all the world. (Matthew 24:14)


While technology can be used for good and for evil, it has always been a tool to spread the Gospel throughout history, from the invention of the printing press to the internet. 


As outlined in Matthew 28:16–20, Jesus calls his followers to make disciples and baptise all nations in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The digital age opens new borders.


AI has the potential to enhance and amplify the effectiveness of the Great Commission and Christian mission work, by providing better ways to reach and engage with disciples.


Email series, paid Ads & SEO are no longer reliable ways to find new clients and get your message heard.

The digital age demands optimised processes, and disrupting the status quo.

Online trends come and go...

In the past 20+ years I have witnessed many buzzes come and go, and it's just a matter of time before advanced technology takes over and births a new way of doing business online. We are living in a time of rapid change, and there is a revolution happening right before our eyes. Keeping up with the latest tech trends is crucial to your business success. If you want to keep your audience in the loop, you need to employ tactics that are unique and creative, but still understood and welcomed by them.

Make future-proof choices today.

Which technologies are emerging right now that haven't yet been (dis)covered by the mainstream media? Can you tell what marketing strategies your potential clients already consider outdated, lame, or even annoying? How will the next technological breakthrough affect the way you attract new customers? Are you prepared for the changes that technology will bring to your sales process and business concept? Don't waste your time and money on outdated strategies and ideas that no longer work! 

I can help you achieve this!

Let me help you make an informed decision to prepare your business for the coming advancements in technology. As a brand strategist, and Ai-driven growth hacker with 20+ years of experience in lead generation and emerging tech trends, my mission is to help you create a future-ready business, find a bulletproof marketing strategy, design a unique buyer experience, and employ the best possible technology choices to position your brand for a new era in marketing. 

Robert D. / Safety representative

I've been working with Meri for a few months now, and I can't speak highly enough of her. The creativity with which she incorporates AI tech trends into our products and services is unparalleled. As a result of implementing her tactics, we increased our customer acquisitions by 300%. She is a true genius and I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business.


Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.

A Few Clients Who Have Rented My Brain

(and you could be one of them)  

Business Coaches


trying to turn their lead generation on autopilot without spending a dime on ads, and looking for ways to convert prospects into paying clients without showing up online.

Content Creators


trying to monetize their content without the overwhelm of creating everything themselves, and looking for ways to work less, while earning more!

Political Parties


trying to turn their campaigns viral to collect votes or get funding, and looking for ways to keep their cost down, without compromising on quality and impact.

Sales Teams (MLM)


searching for ways to get their products or services in front of the right audience in their local area, and looking for an effective marketing strategy that will help them reach their team goals.

Small Business Owners


looking for untapped opportunities that will help differentiate their product or service, and looking for effective ways to grow a community of loyal clients who will rave about their brand.

Churches & Ministries


trying to maximize their impact with outreach campaigns, and seeking ways to reach the lost with thought-provoking material that gets heard and actually understood by their flock.

Would you also like to work with me? Let's find out if we're a good match!

Jacky Jung / Head Ranger

Working with Meri I found her an exceptional and responsible expert with outstanding marketing and social media skills. She knows how to reach your targeted audience to boost sales. With over 15 years of SEO and online marketing experience Meri is definitely able to improve your online visibility and help you get more customers as well as to ensure the success over your competitors.

RENT MY BRAIN to receive exclusive advice on how to position your business for success with the power of AI

Are you still using the same old marketing methods, employing an outdated technology, while expecting fresh results? Let's alter your approach and level up your business game with AI-fueled insider tactics.  

$500.00 /1st session

Follow-up at $160 each

Exclusive business advice

Innovative Solutions

Easy Action Steps


What is a Rent My Brain session?

What can I expect from an RMB session?

Is $500 a good investment in you?

Which industries are you familiar with?

Do you have any other special skills?

HOW!!! do you manage all of the above?

Do you have a Newsletter?

RBM = Rent My Brain

A "Rent My Brain" session gives you access to me and my personal insider tactics that will empower your brand to compete and stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As part of our 1-Hour Strategy Session, we’ll examine the soul of your brand’s digital presence, including marketing, branding, PR, social media, and reputation management. Our initial session costs $500. Every 45-Min follow-up session thereafter only $160. Book this session, if you want to... 

Discuss ways you can generate tailored leads on autopilot

Humanize your sales process through interactive buyer journeys

Find ways to grow your business on a low budget

Get seen without showing up online

There is more to it than you might have imagined:

Following our initial RMB strategy session, I will do my research and gather information to be able to perform a critical evaluation of your brand. As a result, you will gain insight into your brand’s current performance and identify new growth objectives. You will receive a clear path for executing your brand's next breakthrough, and I will develop your personal step-by-step action plan to kickstart your business success.

My guess was that you would ask this question ;)

If you hire me, I can show you how to cut through the noise, and  help you avoid wasting weeks, months and sometimes even years of your precious time figuring out how to position yourself to reach your target audience without spending a dime on ads. The investment you make in me will result in savings of thousands of dollars in marketing expenses and subscriptions.

Here's what you need to know about...

...the past & the present ;)

Travel & Hospitality I worked in the travel industry focusing on Southern Africa, India, and the Balkans, where I created our company's first online travel agency before became wildly popular. Eventually, I realized my potential and left to start my own business. 

Coaching Industry In 2004, I began my coaching journey, and I now have a thorough understanding of everything that goes on in the industry. I also understand the tragedy of being a genius coach or creative, but lacking the right mindset to finally see that return on investment. 

Content Creation As a creative on steroids I can't help but bring my ideas to life on a daily basis. I also love to hand out my clients beautiful, simplified business resources, so I figured I'd create a Done For You Content Library for busy Coaches.

Sure I do!

The last one may surpsrise you ;)

I'm also a Brand Stylist + Web Designer In my role as head of a Creative Growth Hacking Agency, I work with high-end clients in these areas as well. Fun fact: Creativity coupled with advanced technology can produce explosive results, if you know what I mean ;) And yes, I created this website too.

I can predict the future ;) Just kidding, though...  In my 20+ years in digital guerilla marketing, I have seen enough marketing trends come and go, to know what works and what doesn't. Consequently, based on my understanding of AI technology, market opportunities, and customer needs, I am confident to say that I can predict the lifespan of emerging SaaS tech trends, and if they can help maximize business potential.

In my spare time I create Living Moss Walls Yes, that's right ;) My favorite way to brighten up and upscale any room is to glue preserved moss to walls and create living indoor art. Check out my website:

Don't be surprised about this one, ok? ;)

Apart from designing my Moss Walls...

I use AI to simplify things

I put business processes on autopilot with AI

I preschedule my entire content with AI

I let AI do my cold outreach campaigns

I trained AI to write this website copy

I had AI create my explainer video

Even the spokespeople you saw in my explainer videos is AI

And yes, the voice overs you heard were also created by AI

You'll be surprised...

Among my favorite things as a Corporate Growth Hacker is anticipating how technology will change the world and how I can leverage it to help my clients succeed. However, as a Bible-believing Christian, I am also concerned about how far AI will go, and how it will affect humans. In my weekly newsletter, I am sharing the latest tech trend reports, insider tactics, and how artificial intelligence could change how we operate. I will also talk about opportunities, how to prepare for these changes, and how to use this technology to advance your business.

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First, let's determine if we're a good match, and find out if and how I can best serve you: TAKE THIS QUIZ. Once you book a free consultation, the process is simple and will take no more than 15 minutes of your time: First you introduce your business and your needs, next I'll explain how I could help you achieve your goals, if you decide to use my expertise.


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It takes time to understand a business in order to give exclusive advice and valuable action steps! The purpose of this initial meeting is to get to know you and your brand, as well as to demonstrate how you can leverage new technologies to grow your business & generate leads on autopilot using AI-fueled Growth Hacks. After the session you will get a report with innovative solutions for your specific case.


BOOK FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (at $160 or $250 each)

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After our initial call you will get access to book these follow-up sessions, whenever you are stuck or need an innovative solution for your business case. These in depth strategy calls, cover your biggest hurdle, and how to solve it by taking easy to implement action steps. Each session comes with hand-picked tool recommendations to help you get the job done.



if you want me to provide individualized guidance consistently for a year

Helping my clients build and grow their online business is my passion. In these 12 months you can count on me to personally guide you through a detailed action plan in (re)creating and (re)building your business. Expect tailored concierge services, where I will provide you with my personal AI tools & software to meet your specific needs, and to help you achieve your goals faster. FIND OUT MORE about this groundbreaking program.

Daniel Chege

Meri assisted our company in online and offline advertising and promotions that improved our sales and bottom line tremendously. She even developed simple but interactive quality plans and customer queries so that we could track our performance better. Meri has great skills when it comes to online marketing campaigns, Search engine optimization, point-of-sale-advertisements and corporate event planning. Thanks to Meri's hard work in helping our company go global. She is a life saver!

Di Brown / Freelance Travel Writer

I have worked on a project with Meri for the last 4 years. Meri is an expert in her field and knows what she wants. She is driven, energetic and friendly. Her expertise and passion for her work are obvious in everything that she does. She is great to work with and inspires people to better their best.